Naked Sushi – Nyotaimori – How to Enjoy Sushi Off a Woman?

How to Enjoy Sushi Off a Woman?

Experience the art of body sushi with, where sushi and sashimi are artfully arranged on a woman’s body. While strategically covering certain areas, the placement extends to shoulders, belly, and upper legs.

Traditionally eaten with chopsticks, at, we suggest making it more engaging by using your mouth to grab and savor the sushi. It’s not just a challenge; it’s a lot more fun.

Our models relish the attention and the unique experience of being the canvas for this culinary display. It’s a delightful combination of food and pleasure.

To enhance the entertainment, consider playing games during the body sushi experience. You and your friends can pick the next person’s sushi, calling out playful choices like “Shrimp Tempura on the belly” or “California Roll on the left breast.” Our VIP hosts can provide additional game ideas to add excitement.

Remember, all of this is done using only your mouth, with hands either on the side or behind your back. No touching or chopsticks are involved, ensuring a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

The Perfect Show for Special Events

Whether it’s a bachelor party, birthday celebration, impressing a business client, or any other special occasion, Nyotaimori is a unique and surprising addition. Turn your dream of hosting a sushi naked body party in Bulgaria into reality.

And that’s not all – we offer additional services like body shots and various other erotic shows to make your event truly unforgettable.

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